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channel the sun production house

your voice is the one

our goal is to help you uncover your soul


here’s the thing.

You’re already a star. You’re brave. You’re doing it. You have talent, charisma, soul, and you’re ready for the next level…


we offer you that push.

We’re not giving you “A sound,” we’re doing “Your Sound.” There’s no competition. We don’t sample songs. We are interested in one question really…

who are you?

Channel The Sun will reflect this back to you.
Do you want to really meet yourself artistically?
We can show you the way.

Our Team

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Zachary Murdock is a rare combination of musical guidance & creative wizardry…

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musical tribe

Our eclectic team of experienced producers & musicians will guide you to YOUR sound.

Red Buttonz x Reilly Brooke x Alberto Bof x Joshua Morales x Benny Reiner x Austin Fig x Cowlick x Bigg Kid x Wiill

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Our creative specialists will flesh out your story, sharpen your vision & bring your imagination to LIFE.

Jake Vantiger x Taylor Cox x Molly Mitchell-Hardt x Erick Madrid x Alex Golombeck x Soula Saad x Sarah Fina x Caroline Mauro x Chelsea Willett x Kevin Grossmann x Ruby Modine x Yöggx

How It Works

  1. Let’s have a convo.

  2. We’ll build a killer team for you.

  3. Deliver your project all the way through.

Telling your story honestly is the best feeling there is.

We want to see your soul.

after working with us

You’ll have a dream that is materialized in a way that is alive. If you do what you say you’re going to do and we do what we say we’re going to do, it’ll be some heroine from God.


truly connected

You’ll feel addicted to creation. You will never be the same. That’s the best high there is.