music video

Directed by Matthew Charof

behind the scenes

BTS videos by Zachary Murdock

photos by Erick Madrid

The ART OF sâne

art by by Jake Vantiger

THE book of sâne

art by Jake Vantiger / words by Zachary Murdock

SPECIAL THANKS to the music video crew...

Creative Direction by: Jake Vantiger
Produced by: Krista Worby
DP: Powell Robinson
Title Design: Xiaju Wu
Edited by: Matthew Charof
Coloring: Powell Robinson

Infinite love to Paige & the entire Venice Flake family as well as the crew that made it all possible... Mark Harvey, Noah Hernandez, Cyn, Bigg Kid, Mike Morgan, Jake "JWell", Sam Mobarek, Erick Madrid, Scott Randell, Xiaojie, Benny Reiner, Red, & all of the invisible friends who created this vision with us!